Contingent on your necessities and the situation that you are in, you will most likely go to your regular OB/GYN doctor for your primary fertility workup. In case you become pregnant, that is great! On the other hand, if you don't conceive a child in your womb under the care of your OB/GYN doctor, then you can ask your doctor to refer you to a fertility specialist. But then again, it is important for you to know and understand the educational background of your doctor as well as his or her special training. In this way you can be certain that you have the most appropriate doctor for your situation.


OB/GYN Physicians - the OB/GYN are physicians like doctor montanarella  who graduated from a medical school and continued a 4-year residency training in a women's health. These healthcare professionals are the ones that most women go to for their fundamental female needs such as female infections, birth control, pap smears as well as routine pregnancy and labor. As far as fertility assessment, the OB/GYN is capable of starting a couple of primary pregnancy testing as well as treatment.


For instance, your OB/GYN doctor like doctor montanarella may perform a laparoscopy or order a blood test or even prescribe a low-dose fertility medication for trial. The amount of fertility assessment and treatment that your OB/GYN can give is likely the outcome of the training, interest as well as comfort in the area of fertility of your doctor.


On the other hand, at some point in time, in case you don't get pregnancy from any of these methods, then you will be advised to see a fertility specialist who is a reproductive endocrinologist. You can also learn more about doctors by checking out the post at


Things to consider in choosing a OB/GYN doctor - most of the procedures and tests done are covered in your health insurance.

-              You may already know and you feel comfortable with this OB/GYN doctor.

-              These doctors don't focus or are not particularly trained on fertility matters.

-              Being around a lot of big and pregnant women in the waiting can be somewhat depressing for you.

-              The procedures and tests that will be ordered for you by your OB/GYN have to be repeated by a fertility specialist.



Fertility specialist - they have more training compared to the OB/GYN doctors. They have finished all the requirements of a OB/GYN doctor plus 2 to 3 more years training in fertility as well as reproductive procedure training.